Lenticchie Buona Fortuna

Taste: Full and characteristic of the lentil.
Serving suggestions: Excellent for salads and soups made from cereals.




Items per box

456 “Good Luck” Lentils gr 500 2 years 12

3 Good Reasons…

1 The lentil is a legume known since ancient times, much cultivated for the edible grain, high in protein. is a herbaceous annual plant, 20 to 70 cm high, whose stems are straight and branched.

2 The flowers, corolla papilionacea typical of the subfamily Faboideae, are white or pale blue, and in clusters of two to four. The summer flowering occurs between May and July.

3 The fruits are flattened pods, short, containing two seeds from the lens-shaped slightly curved. The color varies depending on the variety of seeds from the most pale (light green, blond, pink) to dark (dark green, brown, purple).