Pomodori Secchi

Taste: Characteristic of tomato seasoned by drying in the sun.
Serving suggestions: Excellent with appetizers and main courses.




Items per box

485 Dried Tomatoes gr 150 2 years 12

3 Good Reasons…

1 The dried tomatoes are a culinary specialty of southern Italy, from a preservation technique that has very ancient origins and that allows you to save part of their crop of tomatoes for the winter.

2 The tomatoes are picked at maximum ripeness. Most interesting, to be dried, washed and cut in half, placed on big trays and exposed to the sun. Subsequently, the tomatoes are salted, covered with safety nets and placed in the sun until dry. Their fragrance is spread all around.

3 For several years, the whole world began to warm to the taste of these special tomatoes discovering this tasty typical.