Polenta e Preparati

Traditional Polenta:

Ingredients: precooked corn flour.
Serving suggestions: Excellent with boiled meat sauce.

Polenta with Porcini Mushroom:

Ingredients: precooked corn flour, mushroom flavor, bits of porcini mushrooms, garlic and parsley.
Serving suggestions: Excellent with boiled meat sauce.

Ribollita Campagnola:

Ingredients: Cannellini beans, beans grat Northern, pinto beans, kidney beans crown, dehydrated carrots, dehydrated tomatoes, dehydrated celery, leek, onion and parsley.
Serving suggestions: soup traditional countrified, selection and quality of its ingredients make it a healthy dish and balanced fat-free. Excellent with toasted bread.




Items per box

PP011 Traditional Polenta gr 500 2 years 20
PP009 Polenta with Porcini Mushroom gr 250 2 years 20
PP005 Ribollita Campagnola gr 300 2 years 20


s an ancient way of cooking cereal flours, known on the entire national territory since ancient times, still very popular in northern and central Italy.
Polenta is made from a mixture of water, cereal flour (more common in Europe today is that of maize, yellow maize) and salt, cooked in a pot (the tradition is copper) for at least an hour . The flour is usually stone-ground polenta (“Bram”) more or less depending on the fine tradition of the region of production. In general, the polenta is presented in the table on a circular axis is covered with a rag and served, depending on its consistency with a tablespoon sliced , cut them once with a cotton thread, from bottom to top .


s a soup of old bread and vegetables, typical of Tuscany, in particular in the area of Florence. is a typical dish of “poor” country of origin, which derives its name from the fact that once the farmers will cook a lot (especially on Friday, being thin plate) and then was “stewed” in the following days. Like all other vegetable soups ribollita also becomes more and more each time it is tasty “ribollita” on fire.