Spezie e Polenta al Tartufo

Polenta is an ancient way of cooking cereal flours, known on the entire national territory since ancient times, still very popular in northern and central Italy.

Spaghetti Norcina

Preparation: Boil about 1.5 liters of salt water, pour in the flour and cook for 5 minutes, stirring and cooking until it reaches the desired density

Polenta with Summer Truffle

Serving suggestions: Excellent dressing for pasta dishes.
Preparation: Pour the Oil in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and heat for 2 minutes. Pour any kind of pasta cooked al dente and Saltcoats in the pan for a few minutes.




items per box

PP003 Spaghetti Norcina gr100 3 years 20
PP010 Polenta with Summer Truffle gr250 2 years 20


is made from a mixture of water, cereal flour (more common in Europe today is that of maize, yellow maize) and salt, cooked in a pot (the tradition is copper) for at least an hour . The flour is usually stone-ground polenta (“Bram”) more or less depending on the fine tradition of the region of production. In general, the polenta is presented in the table on a circular axis is covered with a rag and served, depending on its consistency with a tablespoon sliced , cut them once with a cotton thread, from bottom to top .

Le spezie

sono lo spirito della cucina, danno un tocco di colore e un contributo importante a tutti i piatti soprattutto alle salse. Le spezie sono semi, frutti, radici, cortecce o sostanze vegetali usate in quantità minime come additivi per dare sapore ad un alimento. Molte di queste sostanze hanno anche altri usi, ad esempio per la preservazione del cibo, in medicina, rituali religiosi, cosmesi o profumeria.