Zafferano in pistilli

Taste: saffron pistils.
Serving suggestions: Excellent with rice. Ideal condiment for pasta and meat dishes.




Items per box

493 Zafferano gr 1 2 years 12

3 Good Reasons…

1 Saffron has been known since ancient times: Omero Virgilio, Ovidio and Plinio mention him in their works, and boasting the virtues in the culinary arts as a coloring agent, dyeing fabrics. The plant, the Iris family, is native to the East.

2 From Asia the cultivation became widespread in North Africa and later in Spain. Do not know the precise date on which the saffron from Spain were introduced in Italy, but we know with certainty who imported the bulbs (corms, or more correctly, since the bulbo-tubers) in our country: the Dominican Santucci, a native of Abruzzo Navelli , a great lover of agriculture, love the map, studied the nature of the land where he could best thrive and began to cultivate it.

3 Harvesting begins when the flowers start to appear towards the middle or end of October, and lasts for twenty to thirty days. The flowers are picked early in the morning and storing it in baskets. After that the stigmas are dried in the heat of the grill, to keep bringing out the flavor and coloring. The spice made from it is very valuable, just think that a kilogram takes about 150,000 flowers and consists of 450,000 filaments.