How to teach us the best chefs, a sauce is like a musical work: a fine and precise balance of elements.

Serving suggestion: Great for starters. Ideal condiment to enrich flavor pasta dishes and roast meats.




Items per box

R014 Roman Pecorino and Summer Truffle gr 80 3 years 12
R015 Roman Pecorino and Summer Truffle gr 180 3 years 12

3 Good Reasons…

1 The sauce is a preparation or cooking with patisserie pasty texture, creamy or semi-liquid. It aims to link together different foods and give it a more compact and uniform texture, enriching the flavor.
2 The percentage may be higher in truffle sauces to similar competitors. This factor is not necessarily add value.
3 Italian Truffles, thanks to the chefs with whom it collaborates, has developed the recipes for these products using top quality ingredients.