Absinth is a liquor with high alcohol content, which presents itselfwith a color emerald or light green , obtained from a wild plant “Artemisia Absinthium”, that grows in much of Europe and particularly in Italy, whereit is also known as “Artemisia higher or Roman.”

In the late nineteenth century, in France, absinthe became a very fashionable drink and reached the pinnacle of its success, it united the rich bourgeois and the proletarian artists.
Absinth was an inspiration for the bohemian lifestyle and was the favorite drink of famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec and Ernest Hemingway.

Today in the European Union, many companies have started to produce this liqueur, with modern means limiting the concentration of the alkaloid content or “thujone” nwhich have been known to create hallucinations or other bad effects.




Items per box

063 Liquore Absinth cl 20 Maida + Box 55° 12
046 Liquore Absinth cl 50 Maida + Box 55° 6/12
070 Liquore Absinth cl 70 Maida + Box 55° 6/12

The Ritual

The charm of this liquor is also related to its particular mode of consumption, which has become a ritual.
Essential to the ritual of absinth preparation one will find inside the package a practical perforated spoon.

How to taste

1 It is drunk directly as such, serving liquor in a glass…
2 Pour into the glass a dose of absinthe, support a perforated spoon, with a sugar cube on top.
Drip ice water to dilute the sugar slowly with a pitcher.
3 You put the spoon over the glass with sugar, pour the Absinthe dripping the sugar cube.
This done, put the lump on a fire so that fire caramels sugar, which also ignites dripping Absinth.
After fifteen seconds the fire goes out and reaches the mixture with water…