Grappa Magnum

Grappa di Brunello

Colorless, delicate bouquet, fruity, spicye. Tasting dry and pleasant. It’s an aristocratic Grappa.

Grappa di Stravecchia

Grappa is obtained by steam distillation in pot stills direct a mixture of grapes of the finest grapes from Veneto. The long period of natural aging process in carefully selected the best barrels of Slavonian oak, gives this great product very soft taste of great harmony and a pleasant aroma is very delicate.

Grappa di Sagrantino

Colorless, delicate bouquet, fruity, reminiscent of wild berries, especially blackberries, fresh and floral, round and harmonious flavor. The vine produces grapes with skins are rich in polyphenols and aroma very articulate, so we have a very complicated product, with a subtle aroma and persistent.




Items per box

096 Grappa di Brunello – Maida Magnum lt 1,5 42° 6
132 Grappa di Stravecchia – Maida Magnum lt 1,5 42° 6
098 Grappa di Sagrantino – Maida Magnum lt 1,5 42° 6

3 Buoni Motivi…

1 Grappa is a distilled exclusively Italian. Produced from grapes obtained exclusively from grapes grown and vinified in Italy.
2 Grappa is derived from distilling grapes after racking, fermented grapes. May have an alcohol content between 37.5% and 60% vol.
3 The quality of the grappa, as it does for wine, depends on the type and quality of the grapes used, but also the type of distillation plant and, of course, the technical skills of the master distiller. To get the best quality grappa distillation plants are essential to the discontinuous method, and steam in a water bath, where you can select individual matches grape and grappa.