Miele di Millefiori

Millefiori: among the flowers present clover, honeysuckle, thistle, thyme. They bloom in spring and summer months. It has crystallized and creamy beige. Delicate aroma and slightly fruity. Sweet taste and aroma of fine and aromatic.

Serve with: spicy cheese and blue cheese.




items per box

M001 Wildflower’s honey gr500 2 years 12

3 Good Reasons …

1 Honey, according to Italian law, not be subject to additions, the only treatments that can be submitted are: extraction from the combs by centrifugal force, settling and filtration or crystallization wizard.

The heat treatments used to keep the honey in a liquid state, deprives him of many nutrients. is therefore better to use crystallized honey or cream outside the production periods.

2 Thanks to its natural antibacterial properties, honey is a food a long shelf life, however, are possible deterioration due high humidity (it should be constantly monitored), light (it is appropriate to keep the honey in airtight containers dark) and heat (Do not discard below 10 ° C).
3 A vast collection of Italian honeys monoflora complying, for the quality of its range, the fans of this product.