La Chianina is one of the oldest and most important breeds of cattle in Italy, and owes its name to the farming area: Val di Chiana, in Tuscany. Among the hypotheses on its origin seems to be confirmed that, based on historical reasons, which sees it as a breed, or at least existing from time immemorial. Today, this prestigious race, is protected by European PGI certification (Protected Geographical Indication), which guarantees the originality and quality. is only certified for meat so that we get our meat sauce Chianina.

Ingredients: Sauce made from Chianina beef. Tomato pulp, beef Chianina PGI 35%, onion, carrot, celery, olive oil, salt and pepper.
Serving suggestions: Pens, egg tagliatelle, polenta or lasagna.




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R003 Ragout Chianina PGI gr.180 3 years 12

Ragù is a term used to describe a sauce or a dish composed of many ingredients (which vary by region) almost always meat. Often they are used to season pasta sauce or pies. The etymology of the word has its foundations in the noun derived from the French ragout ragoûter, ie “to awaken the appetite,” and originally meant the meat stewed with plenty of seasoning, which was then used to accompany other dishes: in Italy, mainly pasta.