Grappa is distilled exclusively in Italy. Produced from exclusively obtained grapes grown and vinified in Italy.
Grappa is derived from distilling grapes after racking, fermented grapes. May have an alcohol content between 37.5% and 60% vol.The quality of the grappa, as it does for wine, depends on the type and quality of the grapes used, but also the type of distillation plant and, of course, the technical skills of the master distiller. To get the best quality grappa distillation plants are essential to the discontinuous method, and steam in a water bath, where you can select individual matches grape and grappa.

Limoncello is a sweet liqueur made by infusing lemon peels in alcohol and mixed later with a solution of water and sugar. The base therefore is a simple but thorough preparation, after one month of aging in the bottle it becomes a classic yellow liqueur
which can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a digestive after meals.
The peels are yellow citrine, obtained from the best shaped elliptical lemons, symmetrical and medium-large,
it is this main ingredient that contains essential oils of lemon liqueur that give a very strong flavor.




Items per box

038 Gran Limone cl 200 30° 6
037 Grappa Italia cl 200 38° 6

Great Lemon

The Great Lemon is made with raw materials of the highest quality,
and freshness from the finest Italian production areas. It is a drink designed in the traditional Neapolitan manner without the addition of dyes or preservatives. Always good digestive at the end of a meal or after a coffee. Excellent with desserts, sweets, ice cream. Served as cold as possible.

Grappa Italia

Grappa whose main feature is a nice freshness of fragrance and taste. Harmonic and fragrant, permeats fruity heat that immediately is pleasant.