Liquore Nocillo

Il nocino The liquor nocino is present in several countries of Europe obtained from walnut hulls, by immersion in alcohol.
In Italy is especially popular in the Emilia-Romagna region and especially in the area of Modena.
20-25 nuts are usually chosen from the nuts collected in early summer, while they are still soft enough to be able to be cut. , washed under running water and cut into pie slices.
They are placed in a nonmetallic container, while in a large glass container, then left to marinate covered in alcohol.
After marination, the tea is filtered and bottled for aging.
This usually lasts a couple of months, but may take even years.
The final liquor usually has an alcohol content above 30 degrees and a very dark greenish brown color.




Items per box

028 Nocino Maida cl 20 30° 12
238 Nocino Maida cl 50 30° 6/12


Handicraft product obtained with classic recipe walnut husk infused with alcohol.

Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, tea husk nuts, spices, with caramel col.