Pax Amaro all’Olivo ed Agrumi

Italian amaro is a bitter aperitif or digestive bitter aromatic taste more or less prominent.
Amaro component is a liqueur from plant and herbal medicines origins.
The two key steps for the preparation of amaro, are those of the infusion and distillation.
The brew with herbs and roots are mixed, then crushed, pulverized, immersed in a water-alcohol solution and left to soak for a period of several months.
The preparation is then decanted to acquire clarity and together with the liquid provided from the distillation unit, they continue a path of common preparation.




Items per box

0342 Pax Liquor with olive leaves and citrus cl 70 + Box 30° 6/12

Pax Amaro all’Olivo ed Agrumi

Ingredienti: alcool buongusto, zucchero, estratto di foglie di olivo ed agrumi, col. con caramello.