Items per box

SG004 Carciofi e Funghi grigliati gr280 2 years 6
SG010 Olive verdi schiacciate gr280 2 years 6
SG006 Pomodori grigliati gr280 2 years 6
SG008 Giardiniera all’Aceto Balsamico gr280 2 years 6
SG007 Cipolle Borettane all’A. Balsamico gr280 2 years 6
SG003 Antipasto Tris gr280 2 years 6

3 Good Reasons…

1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil “is called the oil obtained from the first pressing of olives by mechanical processes, so without using processes or chemicals, in conditions that do not cause alterations in the oil and the free acidity, expressed as oleic acid, not more than 0.8%.
2 Olive oil is mostly used in kitchens, extra virgin and virgin varieties, for salad dressings, seasoning various foods, store vegetables in jars. Its high smoke point makes it very suitable for frying. Its use is recommended for the rich in monounsaturated fatty acids
and for its beneficent qualities, thanks to the presence of antioxidants (phenols and tocopherols) and properties to fight cholesterol.
3 The flavor of the oil can vary greatly depending on the variety of olives from which it is produced, the production site,
degree of maturation, harvesting the fruit.