Il crostino del contadino



Shelf Life

Pieces X CRT

483 Il crostino del contadino gr 80 3 anni 12
476 Il crostino del contadino gr 180 3 anni 12

Sauce with Meat, PecorinoCheese and Tomatoes

Extra virgin olive oil, dried tomatoes 25%, chopped tomatoes 10%, pecorino cheese 7%, salami 7%, spices (garlic, chili, pepper, bay leaves, juniper berries, parsley), salt.

2 Good Reasons…

1 The line “The Cream” presents products based on plants collected, washed, trimmed, steamed and recipes with a process that preserves all the more, the fresh taste.
2 the preparation of the best recipes, culinary creations can be used for covering the entire menu from starters, the starters and main dishes and various preparations (pizzas, sandwiches, sandwiches).